• Digital Virtualization of the Grizzly 30th Anniversary Band Saw G0513anv displayed showroom style.



Digital Virtualization

Do you still like to go online? It still seems to be more efficient in many ways. We can work together to make your physical assets digital and usable!


Here you can see my recreation of the Digital Virtualization of the Grizzly Band Saw 30th Anniversary G0513anv for use in a VR experience, the final result was a fully functional band saw that could be used for safety training.

Interactive Environmental design

The video below demonstrates some of the environmental virtualization process I employed to bring the Temple Gates of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. People want to be in places that inspire them and tantalize the senses, how wonderful that we can now interact with these places from the safety and convenience of your personal spaces! We can keep spaces pristine by virtualization, allow ourselves to visit a place time and again without any detriment to the physical environment.



Taking you there, efficiently, effectively, interactively.