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About Me

I have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Visual Studies with a minor in Fine Arts. I have been working diligently at to improve my artistic skills and am preparing to relaunch my career. My first two years were focused primary on Virtual Reality Development, learning workflows and designing experiences in  virtual environments to be activated with stereo-graphic VR headsets.

My third year had been spent in more traditional Fine Arts courses, solidifying my abilities to work in mediums such as clay, oil, and acrylic paints; with a focus on mold making and sculpture.

My final thesis project is a combination of these skills, exploring real-world locations, combining digital design with physical structure. I have designed a walking park to with sculpture gardens and landscape elements intended to be a healing and recreational space for travelers and commuters.

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noel conrad art design 2022 artstation portfolio render 3d unreal maya sculpture glen vita anima Healing Vampires return to human mascarade
Glen Vita Anima – a Greenway of Healing

oh know! What have I done? 😉

I enjoy making things look real, serve a function, delight the eye and inform the mind!

digital virtualization

Want something in your physical world represented digitally? I can and have done thus.

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Physical Fabrication

If it feels good, do it again! Sculpting, mold making and casting editions are passions of mine. My hands work, and I like to use them!

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From Chapter One to the mailbox of a happy customer, teamwork changes the world in a positive way and I’m proud to have been able to work on each layer of product design for this narrative figure series.

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The Art of Noel Conrad

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